Edmundo Gurza Fausto

Master's candidate at StFX

Supervisors: Dr. Hugo Beltrami & Dr. Alvaro Montenegro
Enrolled in CREATE program in October 2011

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Borehole Climatology

Boreholes have been identified as a source of information for climatic change. This is because the major climate variations leave a traceable history in the Earth's surface. After identifying thermal properties of the subsurface and accounting for the heat gain that varies linearly with depth, we can assume that the Earth's crust is in thermal equilibrium. Since the internal temperature of the earth can be considered constant for intervals less than 106 years. The air-ground interface can be identified as the source of perturbations to the equilibrium in this thermal regime. By obtaining temperature profiles of the Earth's upper crust we can identify the temperature anomalies and relate them to the approximate time when they occurred on the Earth's surface. It is essential for climate prediction from general circulation models that we reconstruct and understand the climate tendencies of the past. This project aims to increase the amount of data available in order to validate these models. The approach used by this research will use boreholes as source of data to reconstruct the climatic change during the last 500 to 1000 years. The data will be collected from locations in South America and analyzed by inversion techniques and compared to other proxies and paleoclimate models.