Étudiants au programme de Maîtrise

Hilary White, The Evolution of the Jolicure Lakes: A Paleolimnological Perspective, Dr. Nelson O'Driscoll & Dr. Dave Risk (Janvier 2011)

Patrick Longobardi, Evaluating the Effects of Small Scale Deforestation, Dr. Hugo Beltrami & Dr. Alvaro Montenegro (Septembre 2010)

Dale Prest, Looking even deeper- investigating the impact clear-cut harvesting has upon soil carbon storage in a red spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) forest, Dr. Lisa Kellman & Dr. Mike Lavigne (Septembre 2010)

Jocelyn Egan, Variation in \u03b413C and 14C of soil respired CO2 in time and space, Dr. Dave Risk & Dr. Lisa Kellman (Septembre 2011)

Christian Hart, High frequency soil respiration analysis and application to GCMs., Dr. Dave Risk & Dr. Alvaro Montenegro (Septembre 2011)

Edmundo Gurza, Borehole Climatology , Dr. Hugo Beltrami & Dr. Alvaro Montenegro (Octobre 2011)

Étudiants au programme de Doctorat

Carrie-Ellen Gabriel, How stable is deep soil carbon? Dr. Lisa Kellman & Dr. Susan Ziegler (Janvier 2011)

Erin Mann, Mercury speciation and fate in snow and snowmelt, Dr. Nelson O'Driscoll & Dr. Susan Ziegler (Juin 2011)

Jennifer Bonnell, Investigating the impact of climate warming on boreal forest deissolved organic matter reservoirs, Dr. Susan Ziegler & Dr. Grant Ferguson (Juin 2011)