Application to CREATE program and scholarships

Students already holding a NSERC or other award are welcome to apply to the CREATE program. They will be allowed to participate to any of the program activities such as workshops and summer school. Scholarships are available for Master and PhD students.

Eligibility to scholarship

NSERC rules apply to all CREATE scholarships. To request CREATE TPCS funding,
  • applicant must not concurrently hold another award from NSERC
  • applicant must apply or be registered in a graduate program of a participating university
  • research supervisor and co-supervisor are both members of CREATE
  • research project is related to CREATE research areas.

There are no citizenship requirements.
Participants are encouraged to apply for other sources of awards (provincial award, industrial sponsorship, institution funding).

Application to program and scholarship

Supervisors: Ask for the supervisor form and send it along with the student application form to:

Evelise Bourlon, program coordinator

Assessment criteria

  • quality of the academic background of the applicant
  • experience and interest of the applicant
  • relevance of applicant background and research project with respect to CREATE research areas
  • quality of the proposed research